Shiloh Botts: Meet the Real Me
Image Explanation
Big Hero 6 I chose Big Hero 6 because it's one of my favorite movies that isn't horror and the animation is amazing. I really look up to the animation in the movie because what I want to do is either graphic design or animation.
Mother Mother Mother Mother is one of my favorite bands and I enjoy the variation in style that their songs can have, however they typically have a similar theme. The soft tone that some of their songs have is also very comforting.
Pearl The cartoon character I had chosen was Pearl from Steven Universe and I feel that her overly cautious personality is rather relatable.
Kids' car As for a car, I had chosen a little toy car because you can't really drive with them, and I don't really have any desire whatsoever to drive.
lizard I chose a lizard because it's my favorite animal and I actually had a pet lizard a couple years ago. Also like lizards, I very much prefer warm temperatures/weather.
Graphic Design For a career, I had chosen graphic design because I want to do some sort of job related to art or design and this incorporates both. I believe I have the skills to do graphic design as well.
Freddy Krueger with sunglasses I had chosen Freddy Krueger wearing sunglasses as my image of choice because I believe it shows both my love for horror and comedy, which this image as well as the Nightmare on Elm Street series provides plenty of.