Meet The Real Me!
notebook The notebook is one of my all time favorite movies not only because its all sappy but it tells a beutiful story and touches my heart.
oakridgeboys Even though none of you may not know this band it has been one of my long time favoites because I grew up listeing to older music and soon grew to love it (fun fact:they are amazing in concert!).
tweetybird I have many favorite cartoon characters but Tweety is one of my favorite because as a little girl my Dad had a tattoo on his ankle and I always just loved how it looked.
cars I'm not really what you call a car girl but I could sure point out a beautiful mustang with just one glance but I mean who would love to be riding in this?
kittens I love animals and always have but kittens are my all time favorite because they are just so loving and in my opinion one of the easiest animals to take care of.
cancer I've always loved kids and that has driven me to work with them but also there have been many important people in my life diagnosed with cancer so I decided to help the ones that not nessecarily needed the help the most but needed more explaiation of it and help to get through it.
stars The reason I chose the picture of the stars is just because stars fascinate me and they are just so beautiful.