Meet the Real Me Kaylee Hudnell

The reason I chose the movie Listen your heart is because he did not give up on her just because it was going to be hard he did it because it could be great.


NF is my favorite singer he puts all of his expierence and emotions into his music he tries to make it to were people can try to feel what he is feeling or has expierence.


The animal that I have chosen is a great dane and german shepard mix (Great Shepard) I chose this dog because I have one of my own and he is the best dog I have ever had he is lovey when he wants to be but will also be very mean like attack you out of nowhere.


I chose Kevin Hart as my movie character. I chose him because he is very funny and plays in some really funny a good movies my favorite one is central intelligent.


The car I had chosen is a Mazda Tribute. I chose this vehicle because it is the car I have now.


I've always wanted to be a Doctor this is because I have always felt the need to help those that are need of getting better and doctors is what helps those who need it.

For the image of my choice I chose music because music is the one thing that can calm me down in a instant and I can never get enough of.

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