meet the real me
jonses keeping up with the joneses is favorite movie at the moment. becuase it's kind of like a thriller movie and it's an action movie.
thunder thunder by imagine dragons is my favorite song at the moment. I like alot of songs, but thunder is the one im listening to the most right now.
jeep I picked a jeep as my dream car because i need an everyday vehicle and jeeps are built tough
wonder the character i chose was gal gadot because she just plays a good character in all the movies i've watched with her in it.
wolf Out of all the animals that fit my personality, is my dog because she is a husky
photo i want to be a photographer when i grow up. everyone is always wanting their picture taken and i love taking picture some people say that i just have that eye for taking beautiful pictures.
ohio ohio state is my favorite college football team. if i watch football it's mainly NFL but if ohio pays i watch it. the ohio state buckeyes are my favorite team because i was raised in ohio. so it's kind of my hometown.

kayla hollon The Real Me 2017