Dawson Jones - The Real Me
Meet Dave

This movie describes me because people say I act like a robot. In this movie Eddie Murphy plays as a spaceship, almost like a robot.

Two Door Cinema Club

This band can be used to describe me as not many people know of them, but they are known. I find many people who don't know my name at all but as soon as they hear it, most will recognize later on. This might just be because they have good memory though.


Squidward can be used to describe me as people can easily get on my nerves. Just as how Spongebob and Patricks, who I find to be terrible neighbors, get on Squidward's nerves constantly.

2009 Kia Sportage

I chose this car because it is actually the car I drive. It can be used to describe me as it is very utilitarian, which I like to think that I am.

Rock Penguin

The rock penguin describes me because it always looks mad, yet happy at the same time. The eyebrows are also a key point as it looks like my hair when it's pretty long.


This job describes me because it is what I want to be. When I get older I want to become a biochemist, which is the job depicted in the image.

Smiley Face

This picture describes me because I find myself pretty happy on most occasions. The easiest way to show happiness through facial features is a smile.