Meet the Real Me-Christopher Martin
Happy I chose "Happy" because I like happiness and I like staying positive.
Philharmonic Orchestra I chose the Philharmonic Orchetra because I love orchestrial music.
Roadrunner I chose roadrunner because he is really fast and like to run. I may not be the fastest person but I do like to run.
Red Car I dont have a car that i want because I'm not really big on cars but I chose a red car because my favorite color is red and if I were to get a car now, I would want it to be red.
Squirrel I would most likely be a squirrel because they run around and climb trees and I like doing the same thing.
Violin My dream job is o be a profesional violinist. I love playing the violin and plan to go to colledge for it.
Squirrel playing a violin I chose this image as my extra because if I were and animal it would be a squirrel and I love playing the violin.
Made by: Christopher Martin | 2A | 2017