caleb_bramel The Real Me

I see myself in a changing environment, similar to the Rundown. The main character, Beck, goes to South America to collect a bounty for his boss's son so he can stop working and become a chef and eventually find the sacred treasure el Gato.


While it is not my style, I appreciate humor from songs from Pink Guy's album, Pink Season.


Hackerman is a character in Kung Fury who uses his technological prowess to save the day. I help people with computer stuff too, but sadly I can't hack through time, hack myself into a cyborg, or hack someone back to life.


I have no money for a car and I can't don't have a permit so I walk.


I took that Harry Potter test one time and got Slytherin. I don't know what that means because my parent banned anything "Witchcraft" or "Devil Magic."


Information Technology work and most other work on computers is often times easy and requires little effort.