Alexander Horne: Meet the real me (Harry Potter font for the win!)
Author/editor Ever since I was young I've always wanted to be a writer, creating fantastical worlds where you could lose yourself into a new world, a place where the concerns and (mostly) constraints of the real world need not apply. It was always my passion... uh, no offence to web design of course. Though, this one was the first. I chose this picture in particular since it was more along the lines of what I do when I right... well, sort of. It's a person in a library on their laptop, but in reality it would be more accurate if he wasn't reading a book... it's hard to find a good stock-image of a writer okay!
Ed Sheeran I chose this absurdly sized picture of Ed Sheeran for two reasons. One is, he doesn't really care about being this perfect and awe-inspiring being. Instead, he does what he loves and plays song that feel, well, for lack of a better word , real . The second reason? Well... I couldn't find a better picture of him.
General motors Chevy Equinox Can't say I'll ever be able to afford a car like this, but it's the kind of car I'd want whenever I get one... not the first one! Not a chance. Maybe later... anyway, it's a similar type of car to what my mother has but- thankfully- it's nowhere near as expensive. That and I like cars that feel like I'm the one in control, rather than being so high off the ground I could barely feel the car... seriously...
Godfather/ one does not simply refuse this man's offer. Disclaimer: Alexander Horne has not yet finished godfather at the time of production.

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." Honestly one of my favorite lines from a movie. Other than maybe Clark Gable as Rhett Butler at the end of 'Gone with the wind' . Still though, I really do like the way the mafia, in both real life and the movie, control things from the shadows. This is mostly since, as a person, I don't tend to get directly involved in problems, but, one way or another, I do tend to be the one that solves them... still don't know how that works to be honest.
Death? We don't want any. ... Does anyone even know who this guy is anymore? The guy on the right? Well... for anyone that doesn't know, this is from an episode of the twilight zone, and he's one of if not the only re-accuring character in the series.


This is the representation of death in the twilight zone, a representation of the circle of life. Now, you may be asking yourself why I chose death as the character to represent me, right? Well, it's due to the fact that in the show, he's portrayed as a -for lack of a better term- loyal businessman, one that never goes back on a deal. He's loyal to his contracts, but at the same time always fullfills his duty. But in all seriousness... does anyone watch this show anymore? I'm seriously asking.
Stealth ninja kitten...with a chair. For the record, my cat is white. Though, I chose this image since, for some reason I've never understood, no one seems to notice me until I'm two feet away... then they jump back and scream at me saying how I should warn them next time... no I'm not kidding. Anyway, I also chose a cat for my animal picture since I do have one, and he and I are rather alike. Neither of us get that much attention (can't speak for him but I'm perfectly fine with that), and neither of us are ever really notice unless someone's looking for us. We kind of blend into the crowd, we can be anywhere... turn around ... You didn't really fall for that did you?
Refrigerator haiku: Haikus are easy, but sometimes they don't make sense, Refrigerator. This picture needs no explaination.

Ah what the heck?

Like it says in the image, this is a japanese Haiku, a form of poetry where the number of syllables is dictated per line. The first line has 5, the second 7, and the last line has 5 as well. Hence the 'Refrigerator' bit in there. The reason I choose this image in particular is, as you can probably guess from the amount of text in this piece and, you know, the author picture in the beginning, that I'm a writer by trade. It's also since I actually quite like the way haiku's and other forms of poetry are structured. I choose Haiku's since I figured it would be among the least well known (that and I like them a bit more than standard poetry). Here's another (really stupid) example of one that I made up on the spot.

Oh look I can see
People not looking up here
Because they are lame.