William Patrick - Meet the Real Me
A Few Good Men I like a few good men because its not just one of those bad and good stories. Its about these two navy lawyers who are prosecuting this high ranking marine for doing what he thought was best. In the end he just couldnt handle the truth
Hendrix My favorite artist is Jimi Hendrix because he plays the guitar like nobodys buisness. My favorite song of his is "All Along The Watchtower".
Optimus Prime My Favorite character is Optimus Prime because I grew up watching the original transformers and he stand for all that is good and just.
Platypus My favorite animal is the platypus because its just a big jumble of animals so why pick only one animal when you have multiple choice one.
Dodge Charger I like the Dodge Charger because its a really powerful vehicle and everyone knows it.
Dream Occupation My dream occupation is to be airborne in the US Army not only to serve my country but to jump out of perfectly good aeroplanes and get paid for it.
American flag I think a flag represents me because I'm feel like I'm really patriotic and honestly I think one of the awe inspiring sights in the world is an American flowing free in he wind.
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