Sarah Baird: Meet the Real Me
The Lost Boys The Lost Boys is my favorite movie of all time. It's a film from 1987 about a group of 4 males between the ages of 19-24 that are vampires.
Bullet for my Valentine Bullet for my Valentine is a British rock band that I hold dear to my heart. Their music is about struggles within relationships and what events will occur to a bad relationship. most of the songs revolve around cheating.
Gabriel the Arch Angel <-- This is Garbriel. He is an arch angel on the show "Supernatural" and is played by Richard Speight Jr. (sexyness)
1967 Chevy Impala A 1967 Chevy Imapla is the car of my dreams. Though it will cost a lot of money, I will save up to buy it.
Fox The Fox is my favorite animal. It's my favorite animal because it is my spirit animal.
McGoth My dream job is to work at McGoth. Actually, my dream job is to work as a website/videogame designer.
Homestuck Homestuck is a popular webcomic made by Andrew Hussie. It has a very large fanbase and is completely random.
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