Meet the Real me

the day after is a 1983 nuclear war film of N.A.T.O and Warsaw pact forces which exchanges a nuclear conflict between the Soviet union and the United States which focuses on the people in Lawrence and Kansas City.


Try-hard-ninja is perhaps one of the greatest musicians on YouTube. He is known for making songs from games that are popular on YouTube and gamer channels. And is ranked to be a popular musician on YouTube for making good songs which his vids got a million views on YouTube.

han solo

Han Solo is my favorite character because it describes me and he has an awesome pistol rifle that fires really fast at his enemies. He is a smuggler that was always being harassed by Jabba for payment.


The Lamborghini is a fast sports car that is expensive and very fragile to tear up because it’s worth a lot of value and interest. It is seen in Fast and Furious and it has other fast car challengers like the Bugatti and Ferrari as example.


Cats are furry and playful animals. In the United States, cats are similar to lions, jaguars, and cheetahs like in South America or Africa. I have a lot of cats that have names and some of them are always difficult because they want to be difficult.

game designer

My passion for my future is make a series that will start with T.N.A.N but I'm not going to tell anyone what it is because it is a secret and it should not be known. I'd rather be a developer instead of someone who has to work all day in the office and do nothing but sit and type words.


This is the most fearful dragon of all of Skyrim named Alduin. Alduin comes at the beginning of the game attacking Helgen and you are the only person to stop him which a lot of people in the game will call you Dragon-born. Only The Dragon-born can defeat Alduin with The Elder Scroll and Paarthurax will help you take down Alduin with Dragon-Rend and you will need to use the Dragon bane sword which only effects Alduin and he leaves and you will need to call Odahving and travel to the portal to Sovngarde to defeat Alduin.

Created by Nick Richards | 2016