Matthew Shumate - Meet the Real Me
The Accountant "The Accountant is one of my favorite movies because I think that is has a really cool concept about the guy and how he is this genius and has many different talents from his childhood.
G-Eazy My favorite musician is G-Eazy becuase I like alot of the music that he makes and all of his rhymes sound great.
Han Solo My favorite movie character is Han Solo becuase his character is more of one of those rebellious people that dosen't do what he's told and likes to have fun with Chewbacca.
Ferrari 488G My dream car is an Ferrari 488G TB becuase for being a luxary super it is fairly cheaper than many othe super cars and it is very nice looking.
Dog My favorite animal is my dog which is a mix between a maltese and a shih tzu because he is a very fluffy and cute dog even though he is not a people person.
Dream Occupation My dream occupation is to be a veterinarian because I feel like I have always been a person who would be able to take care of amnimals and would find it really fun to do as a career.
Random Picture This picture is the picture I chose becuase I think that it represents me most of the time because of how cool and calm I am most of the time.

Created by Matthew Shumate | 2015