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Jurassic World

My favorite movie is "Jurassic World". I enjoy this movie for the fact of how people have been able to revive dinosaurs from the past. The story plot is strong and it and shows dinosaurs can be trust worthy through a bond since being little. The movie is also good with the thought of how much longer before we ourselves bring back these extinct creatures.

Set It Off

“Set it off” is one of my favorite bands because the music talks about a lot of people who feel the same way with the lyrics. It’s also good with the different volumes it does, soft or upbeat.

Grown Ups

My favorite Movie Character is played by Adam Sandler from “Grown Ups”, because he is a really funny actor. I've been watching his movies since I was young so he grew on me, like other kids and their favorite characters. It was him who made me positive and funny to make my friends happy.


My favorite kind of car is a Volvo S90, because the design of the car looks well, good stereo sound, and made and built safe. The brand was always interesting to me.


The animal I'm most like is my own cat Gibson. He is my favorite because he is soft and is nothing but a cuddle bug all the time. I find it cute when he walks up to you and meows till you give him the attention he wants. He acts like me in a way where I'm always acting crazy.

Game Designer

I want to become a game designer. Video games have always been a part of my life and will always be. That's why I want to become a game designer so I can make video games for the future generation.

pokemon omega ruby

The picture of my choice is my love of Pokémon. I've been playing since I was a little girl and continue to play it to this day. I do what I can to improve my skills and learn all the types’ advantages and disadvantages. Even to the new Sun and Moon.

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