I chose this because I loved the movie. I have always liked illusions and magic.


I chose Twenty one Pilots cause it's the main thing I listen to. They are a mixture of all the music I like.


I chose this as my favorite TV show character because I have never missed an episode. He is my favorite superhero. The characters storyline is very interesting and intriguing.


I chose this because I like the look of this car.


I chose this because I have three dogs at home. I love dogs they are smart and curious.


When I get older I want to own a drum store.I love playing drums and know alot about them. I would like to continue practicing and learning about drums. I want to help people who are wanting to play drums.


My second favorite activity is archery. Archery is a fun and challenging sport.I have been doing it for 4 years now and I never got bored.