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Picture Explanation
kimi_no_na_wa_1.jpg Kimi no Na wa is a great movie. It is a very mysterious movie with strong alternating roles. It portrays change and learning to get along with different circumstances.
motivation-is-dying.jpg I have chosen this image because the song portrayed in it describes how I feel after taking a hard test or when I get assigned an essay. This song and most others I listen to, are made with a voice synthesis program called Vocaloid owned by Yamaha which is used to create music and is used in many different places around the world.
Mitsuha Miyamizu.jpg I have chosen this character, Mitsuha Miyamizu, along with their counterpart, Taki Tachibana, with my friend Lexi which by selecting the character of our opposite sex shows off the movies body-swap theme and our inherent interest in such themes.
car.jpg I have chosen this image because I don't really look at cars, and this car I found quite interesting, and it portrayed the image of one of the Vocaloid characters, Hatsune Miku.
cat.jpg I have chosen this image because my favorite animal is a cat, and I really enjoy anime.
cat.jpg While shrunk, this image is of a character who is a minister of foreign affairs and deals with international relations. My dream job is to be an interpreter of some kind and if I were to set my sights at the top this is where I'd like to go.
gumi.jpg I chose this picture of Gumi as my fre image. Gumi is one of the portrayals for the Vocaloid software and is personally my favorite Vocaloid.
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