Meet the Real Me-Dj Stephens
Furious7 "Furious 7" is one of my favorite movies from the Fast and Furious series. I like this movie because I like watching action movies and it has a lot of action all thorughout the film.
kaan K.A.A.N is one of my favorite artists. I have many more, but he is one of the people who inspires me the most. He has his own unique style and sound. And thats what makes him stick out from the rest.
Goofy Goofy is my favorite cartoon character because he is always making people laugh and I like to make people laugh.
gtr My dream car is a GTR. I like this car because they are very fast and they look really good. They are very expensive but hopefully one day I can be able to buy one.
dog If i had to choose which animal I would be, I would be a dog. Dogs love being free and running wild outside. And I like being outside and being active too.
youtube My dream occupation would be a professional gamer/youtuber. I love watching youtube and playing video games so if I had the oppurtunity to do either of the two for a living then that would be a really fun job for me.
ps I put the Playstation logo as my extra image because playing playstation is what I mainly do in my spare time at home. My favorite games to play are Black Ops 2 and Skate3.
Made by: Dj Stephens | 2A | 2016