Back to the futuer Back to the futuer is one of my most favorite movie series of all time. every single one of the three movies is very good and well done and i just really enjoy waching them.
The Flash The flash is one of my favorite tv show it's about a man named barry allen and he is the fasest man alive usesing his speed and help from his freands at star labes he fights crime and help thoes in need. and this show is very inertaning to me, ijust really enjoy the story and the action.
fishing and hunting huntting and fishing are my two favorite past time and when ever i get a chance to go i go sometimes not coming back for days but when i do i eather have a dear on my back or cooler full of fish.
Batman Arkham knight. I chose batman as my character because i can realate to him, Batman is a person who would stop at noughing to end all crime and save people in need, and to protect all. even when i was little ive always been insperd by batman wanting to grow up and be just like him, because of him i am now studying and traning to become a k9-officer to surve and protcet just like batman.
dachsund Dogs are animals that I really like. Dogs are fun, loyal, and happy to be around. They love company and are great pets. One of my favorite breed of dog is a german shepherd i want to some day have one. its also why i want to be a k9 officer because you raise your dod train them and tech them.
music notes i'm not really that big on music but if i were to choose any i would more then likely choose nickle back.
oldsmobile I love old mussle car ecspeshly the 1970's oldsmobile. its a very well built car they are very fast with top speed at 178mph to 182mph. and to me just a really cool car. both me and my dad own one right now, and i love taking rides in it and getting to driv it every now and then.

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