Evil Dead The Evil Dead is possibly one of my favorite horror movies right next to Alien. Its goofy,gory,and is one of the only few movies that can really scare me. The way this movie relates to me so well is in the main character, Ash Williams. While not being all to book smart, he's resourceful and always has some witty comment ready to go. Hail to the king, baby!
Skillet Of all the rock and roll, metal, and other kinds of music I listen too, Skillet is my favorite music group by far. Skillet is an American Christian rock band currently consisting of husband and wife John and Korey Cooper along with Jen Ledger and Seth Morrison. Their music, (while not being as preachy as some Christian music groups), always gets me in the mood for writing or working out. My favorite songs consist of Comatose, Awake and Alive, Monster, Not Gonna Die, Hero, I Want to Live, and The Resistance.
Subaru While I'm not too picky when it comes to vechicles, I prefer a Subaru over anything else. Its not just because its a good brand, but because I like the sleek design that they all have. Also, I like the the moto, "Confidence in motion".
Agentwash Agent David Washington is a character from the popular web series Red vs Blue(Based on one of my favorite games). While he's a bit more serious than the others characters, Wash has plenty of funny lines and moments. But what I really like about him is how he makes me think differently about the life of a soldier. Of how every choice they made, ever order they followed, whether bad or good, shaped them into the person they are today.
wolf Out of all the animals that fit my personality, the wolf is the one I feel more in common with. Wolves are strong, intelligent, and loyal creautres. They embody teamwork, doing all they can till the job is done. But if anything, I am no leader. I'm just the guy who follows the other's orders.
Paleo While I know that its a false hope, I thought a long time about being a paleontologist. Ever since I was a kid I was captivated by dinosaurs, spending the first five years of my life studying them. Many of my fondest childhood memories can be found in the movies and documentaries on the subject. But while the money and the traveling that come with the occupation sound good, its a very overshadowed field of science. And after some careful consideration, I decided on a technical school and studying IT .
dead space Dead Space is probably one of the best horror games I have ever played. Its has an intense story, tense atmosphere, great sound design, tight controls, and too many nightmares to count, I just can't but love this game.

Brice Adams The Real Me 2016