superman I chose this image because I love the 1983 Superman movie. It is my absolute favorite movie, I have enjoyed watching it since I was little.
John This image represents me because I have always admired John Lennon, and everything he did.
poisonivy Poison Ivy is my favorite comic book character. I was super excited to finally see her in the television show Gotham.
Car I have a 2005 Mustang, named Wayne, he means the world to me. I've recently put Ozzy Osbourne seat covers on.
Cats My cats are my pride and joy in life. I have six: Snowball, Sapphire, Sniffles, Otis, Oreo, and Caleen.
occupation I have always wanted to be a writer, I spend all of my free time writing in my small journals. My goal is to become a writer for a music magazine, like Rolling Stone or Alternative Press, because I love music so much.
occupation I love music, I can listen to anything- but my favorite is punk rock. There's just something about getting in a mosh pit, that is lovely and exciting.