Gamer Movie Exaplanation: I chose this movie because I play videogames alot and I recently watched this movie. I felt like I could relate to the secondary main character who was the gamer contorlling Cable through the game because he was really good at playing games and enjoyed it.
DaithiDeNogla Explanation:DaithiDeNogla is one of my favorite youtubers to watch. He is not only a gamer but he is aslo a really good musician and I like to play game and I like tolisten to alot of music.
Wolverine Explanation: There are alot of random people that now me due to either meeting them in the past or my friends telling them about me but I either don't remember or know any of them but they seem to knwo me pretty well. Wolverine has the far worse version of this where his memories are completely gone but I thought he was an easy and understandbale reference to how I don't know a third of the people who know me.
Genric_Car Explanation: I googled the words "generic car" and chose the first image that appeared. I don't think that I'm anything special so I chose the most basic car that doesn't stand out.
Owl Explanation: I chose an image of an owl because I took an online quiz to find out what my animal is and when I finsihed the test it said "You are analytical and thoughtful. You prefer to work alone. In private life you are loyal and responsible.
Game Explanation: I am planning to go into the occupation of a game designer. This image shows a game desinger at his home office working to develop the graphics of a game. I'm intending to be the person who designs the layout of the game.
Solo Explanation: I chose this GIF because alot of the time I play alot of videogames solo and I spend alot of time alone but I'm able to live just as well as those who are in the bigger social groups. This scene is from my favorite anime called Sword Art Online and the character seen is the main character Kirito who plays like I do which is solo and makes it father than anyone else.
Made by: William Lacey