Forrest Gump "forrest gump" is my favorite movie because of the fact that Tom Hanks stars in it, and the story line to the movie is just amazing.
Bob Marley "Bob Marley" is my favorite musician because he has some really chill out kind of music. When I listen to his music it calms me down from almost any situation. Click here to listen to a song of his.
Dopey "Dopey" off of Snow White has always been my favorite cartoon character, the reasoning behind this I have no clue. I just know that I always compared myself to him.
Lamborghini "Lamborghini" has always been my dream car. I think that they are the nicest cars I have ever seen in my life. If i ever won the lottery I would definitely get a lamborghini.
Eagle My favorite animal would have to be the eagle. I feel like an eagle is the king of the sky, and soars free and on it's own. It doesn't need anyone/anything to tell it what to do. It is independent.
Occupation My dream occupation is to be an entrepreneur/business owner. I would love to create my own business and follow through with it and it be successful. Then I will feel accomplished with my life.
Money This picture is of money, because it has been my dream ever since I was a little kid to grow up and be rich. If I can get out of high-school and go to college and own my own business after I have accomplished getting out of college then I will be satisfied.