starwarsI chose Star Wars because it is a good movie that explains me. When I say this I am talking in the sense that I am an adventurous person.
trumpet I chose a trumpet because I play the trumpet. I also like to hear the sounds of classical music especial with a trumpet.
batman I chose batman because I like to help people. Also I believe that the bad people in this world need to be stopped and need to be punished.
mustangI chose a mustang because, like it I am fast. Also because we both are what I consider classy and sharp dressed.
bald eagleI chose the bald eagle because I am patriotic. I also would say an eagle because I believe that I am a free will and free spirited person.
astronautI chose this because I am a very curious person and that I am adventurous. Also because I see the world from a different perspective.
differentI chose this because I believe that I am a creative person. Also that I can be sporadic at times and different from the rest of the world.