Tristan Blevins - Meet the Real Me
belle Explanation: belle is the star charactar in the movie "beauty and the beast" and one of the most famous disney princesses, i like her because she is very daring and brave and she is also very beautiful, a top princess in my book!
miku hatsune Explanation: hatsuni miku is a japanese pop super star, she does alot of japanese music and is a widely known artists, although she is computer generated and not actually "real" i still LOVE her work!! she is also famous for doing alot of nightcore
shadow the hedgehog Explanation: shadow the hedgehog is one of the main characters in the series "sonic X" he is a troubled character with a dark past that likes to work alone, i like him for his devotion to his deceased friend maria and his will to be good
harley davidson Explanation: motorcycles are my absolute FAVORITE in transportation, i've loved riding since i was little and i've always wanted one of my own! preferebly a blue one with white flames!!
owl Explanation: my reasoning for the owl is that they respresent knowledge and grace, they are also creatures of the night..... like myself~
animators Explanation: ive always been fasinated with animation and loved the idea of making stories!! so i would love to study animation and perhaps make my own shows someday
warrior cats Explanation: i am a HUGE warrior cats fan, i have read nearly every book in the series and the special editions as well as manga, the story is about a little house cat named rusty who one day decides to go into the woods near his house, there he meets some wild cats and joins them! he goes on many heroic adventures as the story goes on and he becomes a hero