Joey Weeg - Meet the Real Me
BoysInTheHood "Boyz in the Hood" is one of my favorite movies. It shows how growing up in the hood can be. And i grew up in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I can relate to things that go on in the movie, and that is why it is one of my favories.
Mgk Machine Gun Kelly is one of my favorite artist. I have many more, but he is one of the people who inspire me the most. He has his own unique style and flow. And thats what makes him stick out from the rest. You can listen to one of MGK's EXPLICIT songs here
G Eazy G-Eazy is also another one of my favorite artist. He inspires me a lot. He has his own unique style and flow. He's most popular for his sampling of 50's songs. you can listen to one of his EXPLICIT songs here
Chucky Chucky is one of my favorite cartoon characters becuase he's goofy. You can always laugh at him, no matter what!
Bugatti A Bugatti is my dream car. Not only is it one of the fastest cars around, it cost $1,000,000! I want to be successful enough where i can afford a bugatti and still be rich.
Bugatti If i had to choose which animal i would be, i would be a lion. Lions are viewed as strong and as leaders. And that's how i want to be viewed.
microphone My dream occupation is to be a famous musician. I work hard everyday so oneday i can achieve my dreams of making it in the music world. You can check my music out at
food I love food. Pizza, Burger's, Fries, Chicken, Steak, Ice Cream, and Boneless Wings are my favorites. Food is great.