Map of Europe

Poland is Central European country located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It's bordered by Germany to the East, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south, and Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine to the east. Dating back as late as 966 A.D., Poland was originally comprised of newly-converted Christians. Poland has went through many states and leaders, most notably Casimir III, who rebuilt a depleted economy, strengthened the military, codified the law, and expanded the borders of Poland.

Today, Poland is the 6th most literate country in the world with an average wage of $1,536 per month. In 1999, they joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in order to secure regional recurity, and in 2004 officially joined the European Union. Their brand of Parliamentary Democracy is relatively new, it was only accepted as government in 1989. Recently, it has returned to its traditions of freedom, self-reliance and tolerance.