British food is traditionally based on beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish. They are usually served with potatoes and one other vegetable. The most common favorite foods in England is Sandwiches, Fish and chips and roast dinners.

Popular Welsh foods are Traditional Welsh Cawl, a stew usually made with lamb. Another is Bara Birth which translates to "speckled bread". It is a traitional Welsh fruit loaf made with tea. Another is Welsh cakes. They are little cakes flavoured with spice and dried fruit and are best served warm and sprinkled with sugar.

Popular Irish foods are Champ, which is an Irish potato dish. Another is Colcannon. This is a potato and cabbage dish and is traditionally served on Halloween with a ring or lucky charm hidden in the center. Another is Dublin Coddle. This is a dish which is made up of mostly left-overs to get rid of food. There is also Haggis. This is a pudding containing sheeps heart, lungs and liver diced up with onion and oatmeal served inside the animals stomach.

Scottish foods are beef, chicken and other meat as well as sea food, such as Salmon, Haddock, Trout, Mackerel and Herring. They also like Porridge, which is a traditional scottish oatmeal made with oats, salt and water.