Warcraft "Warcraft" is a movie coming out in 2016, and considering that I don't have a favorite movie I chose this movie. "Warcraft" is a movie inspired by the "Warcraft" game franchise and the "World of Warcraft" game. Since this game franchise is my favorite game franchise of all time I figured I’d use its upcoming movie.
Logic Logic is a hip hop artist. With many albums most famously his "Young Sinatra" albums and his under pressure album he got more known. He is a great hip hop artist because he keeps his music real and about what he has really experienced in his life, rather than just talking about weed and women.
Character the character I chose was Denzel Washington in the movie "The Bone Collector". He played a great role as a handicapped cop that helped a rookie through their mission to take down the "Bone Collector". This is a fantastic movie, if you have not yet seen it yet I highly recommend you watch it.
Car The car that I chose was a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse. The reason that I chose this car was ever since I was around 13 I've wanted one of these cars. The body style of the car just looks really good, and for the price it's not a bad car.
Animal The animal that I chose was the honey badger, not only is the honey badger a completely awesome animal but, honey badger was also the name that my middle school wrestling coach gave me. The honey badger is just the best animal on the planet, I mean look at that thing.
Occupation The occupation that I chose was professional gamer, Even though it's not very likely I'd still like to be one. This is my favorite live streamer/You tuber Sodapoppin, he is a professional gamer. The reason that I'd want to be a professional gamer is because you work to have fun and work to make the people watching you entertained and have fun.
Chosen The image that I chose for my random picture was the picture for the new hearthstone adventure pack. The reason that I chose this image was because Hearthstone is currently the game that I play the most. Ever since the beta I've likes the game more and more with every expansion and adventure they bring to the game.