lord of the rings Lord of the rings is a movie trilogy adopted by the lord of the rings books by J. R. R.tolken about a young hobbit and his journey to mount doom to destroy the one ring of power.
mario Mario is my favorite character because he's this little red plumber that has a princess for a girlfriend thats always getting kidnapped so mario goes on a quest to save her and literally stomps everything in his way from gummas to flying turtles.
arctic monkeys The arctic monkeys are my favorite indie band from england. They a this really cool group of guys that make strange songs that captavate me wih their sound and style.
chevelle My favorite car it the chevelle super sport. It needs no explanation or introduction or reasoning why its the best. Just the mere sight of it gives you tingles. If i could get any car i waned it would be this one.
lemur Lemurs are my favorite animal because the look like a raccoon mixed with a squarrel. They live in the jungle and swing from trees like tarzan and thy look just plain awesome.
computer I used this picture because i want to be a software developer. Its my dream job and i would love to get paid for something i love to do.
darth vader I picked this picture because i love star wars and how many people have seen a picture of darth vader lighing a cigarette with a lightsaber.