anc_man The movie "Anchorman" is about the famed newscaster Ron Burgundy. Ron, while an eccentric character, shares many traits not only with me but with many others as well. He really cares for his friends even though at times he wrongs them; he isn't afraid to stand up to another (even if the other is in a position of authority) if he believes what they are doing isn't right; he's also hilarious and determined at what he sets his mind to even if he isn't the smartest person that ever lived. So like us, even through all his flaws Ron's true character is what really shows.
arc_mon The Arctic Monkeys are an English indie rock band. From humble beginnings their early songs were about the bars and nightlife of their hometown. Others and I relate to them through their lyrics. The lead singer Alex Turner sings about nostalgia, relationships, and growing older. With each studio album the band seems to change their style and overall tone, like we change over times in our life. Also with the new releases lyrics are written about different things then they were before, like how we ourselves change our outlook and attitude due to what we experience in life.
tots Napoleon Dynamite is an interesting character. Though he may seem like the outcast or weird kid we are more like him than you probably think. Like me Napoleon may keep to himself around others but is his true self around family or friends. He has issues with peers and at times family like all of us, though he will be there to help you out in your time of need. Also like many of us, Napoleon is a huge nerd. He enjoys drawing and geek culture even though others may see him as strange. Napoleon helps to teach us it's important to be ourselves.
mus_car A ford mustang is one of the coolest cars there is that could actually be affordable to a highschool student. The mustang is fast and does the job right like how I try to do in school or work. But like all of us the mustang is not without it's problems. Whether it's a cramped backseat or a busted tail light we know that looks and speed aren't everything just like it's what on the inside that matters with us.
bear Bears are amazing animals. Though they may be intimidating and dangerous many times it is to protect their own loved ones. And like us bears want to stay with their loved ones, they help out one another and provide for each other as well. We're like bears in the aspects that we care for our family, we will protect and provide for them if needed, and at times we need to be resourceful.
work When I'm older I would like to go to a school of denistry and work in that field. However right now I'm stuck doing farm work every now and then. I live on two horse farms, one owned by my dad and the other owned by my grandfather. Farm work isn't bad all the time though, the harsher work is going out of the house in the night with below freezing temperatures to feed the horses and bust the ice thats frozen up their water buckets. Work in the summer and spring includes training and selling the animals and also going out to bail hay so that they'll have food to eat.
sno_bor One of my favorite things to do is snowboard. But due to where I live it's hard to do at times because the weather can be unpredictable and the nearest resort is out of state. Though when it does snow enough me and my friends take our boards and go out on to the hills in the horse fields where I live. And with the occasional trip to Indiana or elsewhere we stay out on the slopes for hours doing the same runs over and over again because it never gets old. When I'm older I'd like to move closer to a resort so that during the winter I can spend my weekends and days off there.