bh6_mov Robotics prodigy Hiro lives in the city of San Fransokyo. Besides his older brother, Tadashi, Hiro's closest companion is Baymax, a robot whose sole purpose is to take care of people. When a terrible event throws Hiro into the middle of a dangerous plot, he transforms Baymax and his other friends, Go Go Tamago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred into a band of high-tech heroes. I love this movie because its funny, and shows the importance of friends and family.
dub_pic I love dubstep. But I dont really have a favorite artist/band.
pw_actor Paul Walker is my favorite actor. I grew up watching his movies.
car I love old cars, so i chose this picture.
phorse Horses are my favorite animal, I've always wanted one, but where I live, I cant. But im crazy about them.
da_o Im a digital artist, and I love it. I would want to do this or graphic design as my occupation.
gamer I don't always game (I do) but when i do, I play all the time. Keep gaming my friend. I like to play games such as Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Minecraft!