meet the real me jacob smallwood
Bilbo Bagens The reason why I chose Bilbo Baggins as my favorite movie actress, is because he goes on many adventures. It inspires me to want to see the world that he lives in and see all the other amazing things. Another is that he is wise. Such as being smart at everything he does, helping others when needed. Me myself, I would want to be just like that!
american eagle I chose the American eagle for my favorite animal. Why? Because wouldn't you want to soar through the sky, feeling free and not worry about anything. I would want to do that because no one will tell you what to do. Another is travel where ever you wanted and see beautiful things.
game designer Being a game designer would be cool. Why? Because you could make your own game, such as the one you always wanted to come out but it didnít. Well then you would be in luck, just hop on your computer and start designing it. You could make thousands of dollars just by making the game you always wanted.
mocking jay Mocking jay is an awesome movie. Why? Thereís a lot of action, emotional stuff. Such as kids being killed, thatís sad. The main reason why itís my all-time favorite movie is because of Katniss Everdeen. It would be awesome to shoot a bow with explosive tips on arrows, shooting things out of the skies, to help people. Not just that but trying to help her best friend survive.
2015 stingray Why is the 2015 stingray my favorite car? Just imagine driving down the interstate all eyes on you, that would make you feel good, people being jealous of your car and out running the guys that have want to be cars.
tim mcgraw Tim McGraw is my favorite singer. The way he sings inspires a lot of people. I donít how but it does, like it does me want to sing sometimes here and there.
2014 chevy duramax Reason why I chose 2014 Chevy Duramax is because itís my favorite truck. Even though it cost a lot of money to have one, hey you can still dream that you will have one. One of these days. Funniest thing ever about it. Is that if you were in it and someone touched it you can blow smoke all over them. Thatís a sign of get away.