New Year Celebrations in Portugal

People in Portugal love to spend their New Year time, either by spending it with their near and dear ones at house parties, or by being a part of social parties organized at various night clubs, pubs, and discotheques.

Street parties have people singing, dancing, and cheering every moment of the passing Old Year. Many of such parties have Janeiras, or New Year's carolers, who sing traditional songs all through their procession going through the Portugal streets, and wish everyone who passes by with the best New Year wishes. 

Madeira hosts the grandest and the most astounding Portugal party. Apart from the great music, dance, food, and drinks served there, it offers an astonishing light, laser, and color shows. With that, the sky over the entire island seems to get covered up with beautiful lighting and vivid colors, which is visible from far off points of the ocean. 

With the arrival of the New Year moment, everyone whistle, cheer out loud, raise a toast or two, and hug and kiss everyone present around. Almost every town has some sort of fireworks show, either on a big scale or small scale. Setting off firecrackers is done with a belief that noise and fire sways all bad times of the past away to fill the coming time with positivity, peace, and happiness. 

Portuguese culture is based on a past that dates back to prehistoric times and has been heavily influenced by a rich variety of countries and customs over the years. The eras of the Roman and Moorish invasions as well as the ancient societies before that have all left their traces in a rich legacy of archaeological remains that can be found throughout Portugal. 

The ancient cave paintings at Escoural, the Roman township of Conímbriga, the Temple of Diana in Évora and the typical Moorish architecture of the southern towns Olhão and Tavira are just some examples of extraordinary cultural gems that can be found in the country. 

Throughout the centuries, Portugal's arts have been enriched by foreign influences, including Flemish, French and Italian. The voyages of the Portuguese discoverers opened the country to Oriental inspiration and the revelation of Brazil's wealth of gold and jewels fed the Baroque flame in decoration. Portugal has a huge cultural heritage that is just waiting to be discovered…