Hell Spawn animation picture of Spawn the movie character. I chose the movie Spawn because it has always been one of my favourites. He is murdered by one of his associates and for spawn's sins, or his human name Al, his soul is banished to the underworld. He chooses to make a deal with Satin, or Malebolgia, to become Satin's ultimate tool of destruction on Earth, a Hell Spawn. In exchange for this, Al is allowed to return to Earth to see his still living wife Wanda. He is cheated by Malebolgia and returns as a zombie who is forced to hide in the shadows and wear a mask. He then chooses to defy Malebolgia and fight against the armies of the underworld.
Disturbed band logo. A demonic smiling face shrouded in a grey cloak with a chain around the neck. I chose the band Disturbed because I have always been a fan of their music. I listen to their music when I get angry, somehow I find the rhythm to be soothing and the meaning draws my rage to be focused so I can regain control of my thoughts. Even though this band is a heavy metal band, I still to this day find the comfort I always found as a child.
Ichigo's hollow in his tranformation's half state from the television show Bleach. I cannot say much about this show because I only recently started watching it. I started further than the middle of the show, but I read the EXALENT manga series and was filled in as to what was happening. I found the show to play towards all of my mental fantasies, as I myself have a dream of working for a Japanese animation studio. I have always loved the idea of other worldly creatures becoming part of everyday life, but Bleach has done so much more!
A front left picture of a  burgendy Nissan Altima. I have no knowledge of cars, car parts or anything involving cars. All I can say is that my dad's mother owns a Nissan, and it has exellant air conditioning!
A white cat with blue eyes. I chose a cat as my favourite animal because I am often told that I am like my old cat. She was a long and skinny cat and she was fast and agile too. As a cat, her eyes allowed her to see in the dark, I too can see in the dark rather well. My eyes adjust quick and my reflexes are usually quite sharp. A cat is a good hunter and can stalk it's prey as it moves silently even when running.
Ghibli Studio's very own fantastic fantisy creature creation the Totoro used as their logo. As I made mention before, I have my heart set on working for a Japanese animation studio. My all time favourite animation studio is by far, Ghibli Studios. I grew up with Disney and Ghibli, but I have always favoured Ghibli a little more than Disney, but don't tell my girl friend, she has her heart set on Disney. I think both are fine choices, but I still prefer Ghibli.
Kagome and Inuyasha <3. The male half demon is holding Kagome, the human girl and the one he loves, in a sweet and tender embrace in his arms. I chose a picture of Inuyasha and Kagome form the anime show. One my girl friend's favourite anime shows is Inuyasha, and though I knew little about it, I loved it before I even met her. In many ways this is one of my favourite animation shows along with Bleach and Naruto.