underworld This series is one of my favorites due to its story. Not really the amount of gore and violence. Although that is a nice addition, I feel that underworld tells a few lessons beneath the script, for example neither vampire nor lycan are good or evil, and instead itís just a grey area that the main character is trying to figure out. She wonders what the truth in her life is and she believes Michael holds that truth. All in all itís a great movie series that holds many lessons for those who are willing to delve past the script. This is true for many movies.
xandria Xandria is one of my favorite bands out there today. They are a German Symphonic Metal band and I just feel very connected to the music they produce. But, since they are a German band no one around here has really heard of them at all. Nevertheless I listen to them contentedly, making references and inferences to life through the lyrics of the songs they play, makes me excited for Xandria's next album.
Death Note L is from an anime called "Death Note". This anime is about catching a serial killer whom can kill with a notebook by writing someoneís name down that personís image in their head, how do you catch a criminal like that? L is the worldís greatest detective and hardly shows himself in public, though he may not look it L is a super genius with a sense of justice. But, so is the killer. This whole anime makes you question your morality of good and evil. If you had a notebook like the Death Note would you use it to rid the world of all the bad people? I wouldn't I side with L seeing that it is no oneís right to judge and take oneís life. That a person can only do that to themselves based on their own actions.
1926 Bentley Iím not really a car person, but I do like the older type cars, it seems that cars nowadays donít have that same kind of "style" that older models possessed. Sure we have the very expensive sleek looking flat super cars, but they lack any character. I see one of those and all I think about is "wow thatís a lot of money there." That relates somewhat of how I feel that many things today lack character. From food to media and entertainment, itís just easy to predict what will happen.
Wolves I am a wolf. It is my spirit animal; wolves are very loyal and honest. They trust to a fault. Wolves are stubborn and don't like to be wrong. I really am like a wolf. Just as every other person has a spirit animal; itís just that you have to find out where it lurks in the shadows, awaiting you to discover it.
Detective Recently I have been looking into many careers and they all seem to be relative to detective work. Seeing as most of the careers that I have chosen like cognitive psychologist would be useless to master I have decided to become a detective. So that I can still do as I originally wished, to analyze the ever-changing world around me, and hopefully make a difference in it. To be a good detective you must be able to think like a criminal. To think as a criminal is to see through the eyes of one, and in that a person is able to deem and rule out possible motives of the person or criminal. I find that it would be a satisfying career for me.
House of Night The house of night is one of my favorite book series. I own every single novel that has been released so far the book has recently released the 12th book in the series "redeemed" I am not completely sure but i think Redeemed is the final installment of this series other than side books that tell you more of the other characters stories. This whole series is about vampyres, magick, and the goddess Nyx. The series consists of an ancient battle between the balance of light and dark. Light and Dark cannot exist without one another. So when the scale tips out of balance chaos is sure to rain down. I put this as my other because I am a major bookworm that gets into supernatural books such as. "The Blood of Eden" "Iron Fey" "Nightshade Series" and many more. But overall this series here is my favorite by far.