Pulp Fiction Expand Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies, and is directed by my favorite director, Quentin Tarantino. All movies of his that I have seen have been amazing, but the most easily recognisable and unarguably most famous is Pulp Fiction, and for good reason! The story is one of those that are all out of order, and you really have to pay attention and even watch it multiple times just to fully grasp everything this film has to offer. This film represents my inability to pull any punches. If I think something, or want to express something a certain way, then it's pretty difficult to stop me.
Thy Art Is Murder Expand Thy Art Is Murder is a deathcore band from Australia. They gained popularity mainly through the release of their (amazing) album "Hate", and have toured the US, and much of Europe. I was lucky enough to see them perform live and take a selfie with the lead singer of the band, Chris McMahon (the man in the far right, wearing the red coat. When I met him, he had much longer hair. He was really nice, and complemented me on my "Gorillaz" T-Shirt.). This band, while representing a portion of my musical taste, also represents my absolute love for mosh pits and death metal concerts, since they were one of the first "big" bands I had ever seen.
Mega Man Expand Mega Man is the main protagonist of the "Mega Man" series of video games. The first game in the series was released on December 17, 1987 (under the name "Rockman" in Japan) for the Nintendo Entertainment System. "Rock" was created by a scientist named Dr. Thomas Light as an attempt to create a human-like robot with advanced artifical intelegence that would give him a sense of right and wrong, and the ability to feel emotions. When Dr. Light's old partner, Dr. Wily, begins to change some of Dr. Light's old construction robot's programming to make them act mallicious, and deems them "Robot Masters", in an attempt to take over the world, Dr. Light outfits Rock with advanced weponry and armor, gives him the name "Mega Man", and sends him out to stop Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters, and save the world. Mega Man represents my passion for extremely difficult video games, and for my persistence. If you play any of the old Mega Man games, you will NEED patience, because the platforming puzzles definitely DO NOT hold your hand.
Ford Taurus This is my car. Literally. I took this picture right after I got it home from the car wash to show it off to my girlfriend :P. It's a 2005 Ford Taurus that my dad bought for me from his friend for $2500. This car runs amazingly, and has never given me trouble, bar for one leaky tire, which is an easy fix.
Chameleon Expand I think that the Chameleon is one of my favorite animals just because they are unusually nonthreatening-looking. Most other reptiles like snakes and certain other kinds of lizards look like they would try and mess you up, but the Chameleon here seems friendly. That, and they look goofy, and that makes me happy. I think the Chameleon represents my love of relaxing. Chameleons certainly never get in a hurry for anything.
Pic of me with cat ears on My current occupation is in the "wonderful" field of fast food... I work at the Arby's in Camargo. We don't ever get much business. And what business we do get, you can never predict it. We could not have an order for three hours, then in the next hour make $300-$400, then nothing again. I took this picture when we got some new kids meal toys, which were different animal ears that you wear on your head. I think that my job just shows how much utter crap that I am willing to put up with. Not only do I have to deal with angry customers because their sandwich got messed up or we took too long, but I also have to deal with working with nothing but gossip-y women that talk about you like a dog behind your back for basically no reason.
Self Portrait This is a Self Portrait I did entirely in felt-tip pen (Sharpies ;P) for my Art 4 class. It's actually hanging out in the hallway next to the fishbowl. When I was originally told about this assignment, I thought it wouldn't be that fun, but I was given a lot of creative freedom, and ended up REALLY liking this end result. I just wish I could have it back so I can frame it and put it on my wall like I had planned. This obviously represents my artistic side. I've been drawing and sketching since I could hold a pencil. It was originally going to be my career path, but I just can't see the money in being able to draw well...