glory_mov Glory is a movie about the 54th Massachusetts regiment during the Civil War. They are the first all-African American regiment to be deployed in the Civil War, and the movie details their journey from Boston to Fort Wagner. I love this movie because I enjoy action movies and I love history. This movie is especially great because the action scenes are intense and it's historically accurate (for the most part).
franz_mus Franz Ferdinand is a Scottish band named after the archduke of Austria that was assassinated right before WW1. I like them purely because they sound good, and I like most of their songs.
wolf Wolf is my favorite character in one of my favorite video games, PAYDAY. The game is about robbing banks, and Wolf is one of the robbers. He's my favorite because the other robbers tend to be too serious, and Wolf is comedic relief.
camaro I really don't know a ton about cars. I can't tell a Ford from a Chevy, or any other brand from anything. But what I do know is that Camaros look cool, and they handle pretty well. I'd like to have a Camaro when I can drive.
sloth_anm I love pretty much every animal that exists (other than bugs). If I had to pick a favorite however, it would likely be the three toed sloth. I don't know why they're my favorite. Maybe because of how dumb they are. Three toed sloths sometimes mistake their arms for tree branches and then grab them and fall to the ground and die.
code_occ I love computers and everything about them. When I get out of college, I want to be a software developer. My plan is to work for Amazon and then make enough money to split off and form my own video game development company.
usa I love history, particularly United States history and World War 1 & 2 history. I know tons and tons about United States history, and I know a basic amount of WW1/2 history. I hope to learn more about both. I also plan on getting a minor in History in college so I can become a certified historian.