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movie Fast and the Furious will always be one of my favorite movies. I've watched each of the movies in the series tons of times. Since the first one came out, my family and I have loved them. Paul Walker was my favorite because of his personality throughout the movie. Some of the movies in the series aren't as great as others, but they are all really good.
music Miranda Lambert has always been one of my favorite artists. From seeing how many awards she has won, you can tell that she tries extremely hard to make her music be the best that it possibly can be. She is truly passionate about music, and you know that when you listen to her songs, and when you watch her perform.
paul Paul Walker will always be one of my favorite actors. When you watched a movie that he played in, it seemed as if you knew him personally. He wasn't just a great actor, but he was also an amazing person. From reading about Paul Walker in articles, you could tell that he always tried to help everyone he could.
car I don't know a lot about cars, but I would love to have a Range Rover some day in my future. They have always been one of my favorite types of cars. I know that I probably won't get one for my first car, but hopefully I'll be able to buy myself one, one day.
animal I love animals, but dogs are my favorite. I've always had a dog, sometimes I've had multiple dogs at one time. Collies are my favorite, and they have been for as long as I can remember.
lawyer In the future, I hope to become a lawyer. In the past I have thought about different career choices, but a lawyer has always been my number one choice. If I ever went to law school, then I would want to study criminal justice.
makeup I love makeup. I always try to make my makeup look as good as possible. If I ever changed my career choice for the future, I would probably want to become a makeup artist.