skyrim This is the image of my choice because I love skyrim's beautiful artwork and graphics. It is a great video game.
Turtle Turtles are my favorite animal because of their cool shell and their little tail and they are just amazing adorable creatures.
Youtube Youtube is a video broadcasting website were you can do tutorials, commentary, cooking, and much more. To make things better you can enable advertisments on your videos and when someone clicks your video the ad comes up and you get paid for it. A man named Felix Kjelberg makes thousands of dollars a year for making daily ten minute videos. I would like to have this as my occupation because I believe that I can be funny and entertaining and that I would really enjoy making videos for a living.
Starbomb Starbomb is a band that writes music about old video games and tv shows. They have a wide variety of music so that everyone can find something that they enjoy. I personally like them because I can relate to a lot of what they sing about and a lot of their songs are very funny.
Lamborgini Car This car is super slick and clean and looks like it came from the future.
The Hobbit the Battle of Five Armies The Hobbit is a great movie full of action and has amazing scenery. It also stays true to the book.
Songebob Squarepants Spongebob is my favorite character because his laugh is funny and he is creative.