movie If i stay is my favorite movie. It's kind of sad but it tells a really good story. I have watched it so many times.
musician In 2005 Carrie Underwood won American Idol. She is an amazing country singer that I look up to. She is so pretty and talented. Carrie has won so many awards in her time of being a singer.
actor Ed Westwick plays Chuck Bass in a TV series called Gossip Girl. He is my absolute favortie actor because he is very attractive.
car I obviously don't know a lot about cars. All I know is that I like the ones that look pretty. A range rover is the car that I plan to buy when I save up money from the job that I will have in the future. (Other than a camaro.) They are pretty expensive but I would love to have one!
pup Dogs are my absolute favorite animals. I currently have two of them. One is a teddy bear bichon, and the other is a shih tzu. The one I want more than anything, is a golden doodle. They are so pretty, but they are also expensive. I hope to have one some day.
occupation I love houses, so I want to be a Real Estate Agent. Being a realtor means being your on boss. I think that would be good for me. I also get along well with other people, and thats a big part pf that job.
house I have always wanted to live in a really big house with a pool. In the future after I get a real job I hope to have one.