Meet the Real Princess Cody
Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast is a classical movie that I have grown up with. I love the beast, and how cheesy and corny that he can be. He reminds me so much of myself, honestly.
Luka Megurine Luka Megurine is my favorite Vocaloid, and although she isn't exactly a real person, I absolutely love her, her voice, and all her many songs. She also is just amazing in general. She sings songs that I feel relate to me, such as "Toeto" which the song in English describes someone having a difficult time to get rid of shyness.
Haruhi Fujioka Haruhi Fujioka is my favorite cartoon character and is a lot like me in many ways; both of us live with one parent and are often busy with school life, and are rather smart with the idea. I feel she represents me, especially where both me and her have had a rough past (which I will not share, sorry!)
Pikachu Car Well, who wouldn't want a Pikachu car? And considering I love Pokemon and love all things that are nerdy and geeky. It's perfect for someone like me.
Panda I've always loved Panda's, and also, I feel I relate to them. Cuddly, but willing to hurt someone in defense. Not to mention, panda's are also silly.
Cartoon Artist I've always wanted to be an artist, especially in the cartoon division. I've also been told that I should become a cartoon artist! I'd love to be an artist, and I hope to achieve that goal.
Batman I'm a fan of Batman, and there's no way you would see me without some kind of Batman merchandise. Batman is one of my favorite superheroes that there are, and my favorite in total. I absolutely love the games, just as well as the comics and also the shows/movies.