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Italy is a beautiful country. It is only slightly larger than the state of Florida. Italy is home to famous tourtist attractions. The most fascinating attraction being the ruins of ancient rome. Not only that, but Italy is also famous for the Leaning Tower of Piza, and the colleseum. Italy is a beautiful country filled with amazing landscapes and interesting history.

Italys President is Sergio Mattarella. The President is elected by an electoral college. The election cycle lasts for seven years. The presidents main jobs are appointing the executive cabinet, president of the judiciary, and also the commander in chief of the italian army.


Prime Minister
Italy's current Prime Minister is Matteo Renzi. The Prime Minister in Italy is the head of government, instead of the traditonal President. He has been in office since February 22nd, 2014. The Prime Minister controls the Council of Ministers, also known as Cabinent.

Matteo Renzil

Italy uses the Euro as currency. Before the Euro became the countries currency, up until 1999 the Lira was the official currency. The Euro was not introduced as currency until 2002.

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Landscapes and Tourist Attractions
Boat rides in Rome

Boat rides

Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome