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how to train your dragon

My favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon 2, the characters deveolped more since the first movie and Toothless the dragon became more adorable than even, along with Hiccup. The movie has an amazing story that is heart touching yet happy, and I absolutly love it.

owl city

Owl City is my favorite band because they make happy and beautiful songs, can can be calming, exciting, sad, or even idealistic.


I'm most like Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, because I'm very shy arounds others but love being around animles, just like her.


My favorite kind of car is a Pontiac Bonneville, it's one of the few made with a v8 engine, my dad used to have one and I just thought it was wonderful.

sand cat

The animal I'm most like is a sand cat, it may not be as big as it's serval cousins, bit it also a very mysterious breed.

marine mammal specialst

I want to be a Marine Mammal Specialist best I love dolphins and whales and such, they've always fascinated me best they're mamals yet they're such good swimmers.


One thing I love is pokemon, when I was first introduced to it I liked it so much that I started playing the games and that led me to wanting to know as much as I can about it. I know almost all the names of almost every pokemon(excluding the newest ones) and I love the games.