Alex Bingham's Meet the Real Me
fast and furious movie I chose the Fast and Furious as my movie because i have always loved the F&F films and i have grown up watching the franchise. And i enjoy driving fast.
breakng benjamin Breaking Benjamin is my favorite band because i have always liked their music. They are the only band that i can say that i like all their songs.
mufasa Mufasa will always be my favorite movie character because he is the strongest one in Lion Kin the movie and lions are my favorite type of animal.
charger Ever since i was a little kid i have always wanted a charger. It has always been my favorite car and i plan to save up money so that i can get one in a couple years after i graduate.
lion I have always loved all animals but one of my favorites has to be a lion. Because they are very interesting and have always been the animal that catches my attention the most and are just very amazing animals.
graphic design Graphic design is something i have always been intrested in, being a graphic designer is something i plan to become after school
xbox Gaming is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. I enjoy it because its fun and challenging