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faultinourstars This by far, has to be my favorite movie because of the story line. It's such an emotional and heart touching movie. I feel that this movie's intention was to show that not all things in life are perfect but, you can make things better by living to the fullest. In this movie the girl has cancer and has to change her way of everyday life. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. It not only changed things for her but for me as well. Breast Cancer has made a huge impact on our life, both positive and negative ways. The battle against this cancer, has made our family realize that not all things are granted to us and that anything can be taken away from us at any time. This up and down situation has brought our family closer. >
carrieunderwood Carrie Underwood is most defitnatly my favorite singer because her voice is amazing and the music itself has great meaning behind it. Plus, she is really pretty.
pediatrician My dream occupation would most likely have to be a pediatrician because, i like working with kids. Even though kids can be a handful.
toyotacamry I'm no genious when it comes to the knowledge of cars but i can say that i want a toyota camry for my 16th birthday. My friend just currently got one for her birthday and she says its an amazing car.
chihuahua I love animals and always have. I currently have two chihuahuas. I would have more if I was allowed.
makeup I love makeup. I have a vanity in my room with all my makeup organized in catergories. It's a bad day when my makeup doesn't look its best..