Zack Pater Electronic Career Portfolio

There are many skills needed to become a computer programmer, such as the ability to learn code and solve problems. However, there are many skills that aren’t necessarily thought to be important to computer programming that I have that are crucial to becoming successful. My abilities consists of not only problem solving and being able to learn code, but also being hardworking and dedicated, patient and even creative.

patience Patience:
Being patient is pivotal factor in the programming process. An application may take weeks to complete and without patience, the creator might get frustrated or bored and stop production on the program. Also, after the programming is finished and programmers are fixing bugs in code, they might have issues finding and fixing the bugs. Often, when fixing bugs, more bugs are created because of changes to code; this causes the programmer to patiently try many different ideas in order to find a solution for the bug.

Hardworking and dedicated:
My philosophy is to work your hardest no matter what the task may be. As a computer programmer, the ability to put effort diligently into your work is key to building successful programs. A program that is built with time and effort invested in it will turn out to be a better product than a program built with little time and effort.

learning codeAbility to learn code:
Coding is an essential skill for computer programmers. Coding is the only way to tell a computer what you want it to do and without the ability to learn it, a programmer won’t even be able to get a job. Without a computer science class at my high school, I had to teach myself how to code. Through online tutorials, I learned the basics of programming and two different programming languages.

Problem solving:
Problem solving is another essential skill programmers must have in order to be successful in computer programming. Computer programs are problem solving tools themselves. Programmers are hired to solve a problem using a computer. Programmers also have to solve problems in their own code to fix bugs. I wrote a program to help assist me solve trapezoidal summations in my calculus class.

programmers must also be creative. Even though being a programmer does not need any artistic ability to write code, they must be creative to solve complex problems. Often, programmers use their creative abilities to find new, more efficient ways to build programs or update existing ones. Their creative ability is used in finding solutions during the debugging process as well. Bugs often hid in the code and once found are hard to work around without creating other issues. A creative mind would allow a person to brainstorm many solutions for the problem and allow them to find the safest way to fix these.



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