Zack Pater Electronic Career Portfolio

My Career Development Plan: First, I will graduate Montgomery County High School and attend Morehead State University, graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science. Then I will obtain a job programming. As a programmer, I will build popular and helpful programs that entertain and help people around the world. Ultimately I want to research and design new ways to transfer data or write programs.

Informational Interview/job shadow with Thomas Pater Jr.: In a small town with no computer programming businesses, it’s hard to find someone to interview or shadow on the jobs. Fortunately, my father recently obtained his software engineering degree, so I could talk with him about computers and coding. Our conversations have informed me that to make programs for solutions you must be very knowledgeable or be able to find the answer through outside sources such as the internet or co-workers. I also learned that going to college as soon as possible will make the process of obtaining a degree easier and quicker all while saving you a lot of money.