Zack Pater Electronic Career Portfolio


Meet the real me: Meet the Real Me was a project I did in my web design class and the first web page I’ve ever made. I used only HTML and a text editor to create this webpage. Designing this site taught me how to use and implement HTML and its many tags and attributes.

Meet the real me website


Multicultural: The Multicultural website was another web page I designed for my we design class. I used Dreamweaver cs6 along with my knowledge of HTML and CSS to design this web page. It taught me how to integrate CSS into HTML to create a better, more organized webpage.

multicultural web site


Update MCATC home page: I helped update the MCATC web page with recent news and activities that had the MCATC. This taught me how to communicate with a client and update a website the way they wanted it to be done.

MCATC Home Page


Updated MCATC Web Academy Student Work page for web design class: I updated the web design student work section of the web academy by adding the new finished projects students in web design made to the student work section. This taught me not only how to update and work with an existing web page, it also helped me learn how to add new pages to an active webpage and how to use templates to create a clean looking web site.

Web Academy


Basic engine block and piston system: In my engineering class, the class was given the task to build a motorcycle in groups and I took on the task of designing the engine. The Engine was not meant to be completely functional but it did need to look like an engine and have a working piston system. This put my creative abilities and patience to the test because I had never designed something so complicated before. After hours of research, brainstorming and designing and redesigning I finally created the engine.

Engine Block Design


Trapezoidal Rule Program: I once wrote a program for my calculus class to assist me in solving trapezoidal approximations. This program took an existing rule in calculus that helps approximate the area under a curve without using integration and automated it, this cut down on the time it took to solve a problem that took a long time to finish.