Princess Cody's Electronic Career Portfolio

Education Enhancement

My Plan

I have interviewed Azu, vigorously known for her cartoon art especially on Tumblr (the image you see being one of her own) and I consider her as a friend. She is very friendly and creative, and she usually helps me with art, whether it’d be advice on skin tones, shading, and more! She is always willing to answer questions I and other people may have. When I have interviewed her, as I have before, she stated she didn’t exactly have a job with what she does. She does enjoy it, as I see she does a drawing or two each week and how passionate she is about them, even for creativity. She told me the only thing she had disliked was the pressure given from other users for her to draw something for them for free—She would only do that with people she is close to. I have also asked her about her skills she uses and her response had been, and I quote, “I just use eye-coordination and let my imagination go wild with the characters.” She has seen my work, made suggestions and comments about it, and therefore, I had to ask her where to go for college. She had recommended The University of Art, hence why I chose it as my college-of-choice.

Aku's Drawing