Princess Cody's Electronic Career Portfolio

Career-Related Education

For career-readiness for an animator, all throughout the times I had art, music, and Web Design, it helped increase these employment opportunities. School activities I have done that can be corresponded to the animator job are the years I have spent on musical, whether on stage or behind stage painting props and on-stage decorations. My experiences in art class can also be an example of activities I have done to get me ready for this career option. For in-school activities, taking Art class can help a lot and can expose one to the animator responsibilities as well as new stuff to learn to do.

I was able to take Art 1 and Art 2 that had helped progress my artistic abilities, and I do plan to do Art 3 and Art 4 my Junior and Senior year. These humanities, although taking a fourth year is optional, have helped me in many different ways, whether to get inspired or to learn how to do something (for example, in Art 2, we learned how to do a Glass Mosaic) and have experience with any project.

Musical has helped me with my art in many ways; It helped with my confidence, my public speaking, and improved my teamwork skills. When I was helping backstage with props, sets, and other scenery, I had even learnt how to construct props and be able to use them in numerous possibilities. It has helped so much with being able to do these activities and get involved.