Princess Cody's Electronic Career Portfolio

Special Skills

I do believe I qualify in traits and skills that I succeed with in order to be an animator. Some people will say it doesn’t require much, but animators do have their necessities. For example, patience, creativity, and teamwork-friendly are a few examples of what would be necessary as an animator.

Patience is a needed skill with anyone going into any art-related field. A project will be unfinished and won’t have inspiration for it until much later. Not everything will be as fast and easy coming to you like it would be at my age, as I do realize. Even thinking of new ideas could take complete patience where you just can’t see the ideas just yet. Eventually, the fog that blocks those ideas will be gone and you will have that bright idea.

Creativity is a necessity, no matter how much people say it isn’t. Without being creative, there would be no new and brilliant ideas to be heard, no projects for what you are supposed to work on, and not doing your job will equal being fired. Sure, sometimes you will have those not-so-creative days, and that is fine. A few days are better than never having creativity.

As an animator, you will be working alongside people who you may or may not enjoy. You would have to be friendly towards the idea of teamwork, whether it’d be a discussion, art, tips, or anything else. As you all would know, being rude to a coworker and not obeying by what is recommended could get you into trouble and possibly get you fired.



In case you cannot see the picture or any of the text in it, in order it states the following:

Patience - As an animator, it is vital to be patient. Not everything will be easy and fast, even if it is simply ideas.

Creativity - Creativity is essential to being an animator. Without creativity, there would be no ideas to share, no projects for what you are supposed to be working on.

Teamwork-Friendly - Chances are, as an animator, we will be working with others most of the time. Whether it'd be sharing ideas, helping with art, or any other possibilities. We all know being rude doesn't get us anywhere.